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2005-05-01 - 12:44 p.m.

Well!!! It has ben a LONG TIME sine I did anything with this site. There were some system issues that caused a lot of the old pictures to not show up, so I finally just deleted them (from the site- I still have them all on disc, have no fear!) and decided to start over. Here are a bunch of pictures of Ana and Machaela... and maybe their daddy, Mama, and Christopher show up every so often, too. OK, so most of them are of Ana- she's just too cute!! And even though Christopher and Machaela are really cute, too, Ana just seems to be in front of the camera more...
Right now, Ana is 15 1/2 months but SUPPOSED to be a year. Machaela is 2 1/2 months, and Christopher is almost 15. All of them are well, but everyone but Machaela is suffering from the pollen allergies. Another couple of weeks of stuffy noses and itchy eyes and then we'll be much better. Hope everyone is able to pull up the site and images.

Here are the pictures:



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