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2005-05-12 - 5:02 p.m.

Ana is starting to walk!! She takes 3-4 steps before falling / stumbling into my arms... it's her favorite new game, for me to stand her up and then she'll walk to me. VERY exciting!!!

Machaela is starting to kick her feet more and wiggle around. She gets bored in the swing quicker, doesn't quite like the jump-up yet, and seems to believe that it is our DUTY to hold her whenever we are near. Normal baby, I guess. Still all smiles...

Christopher is almost out of school for the year- he's been sick a lot lately with allergies and stomach bugs- og course, camping in the rain with the ROTC all weekend at the beginning of the month didn't help matters...

Anywho- I know you all want pictures, so here they are!!



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